Sisa Consulting is a Learning organization focusing on partnering with enterprises in the areas of behavioural interventions. We work with companies as a learning partner by providing them access to some of the best practices and trainers in the industry. Our focus is to enhance performance of employees and enable their tomorrow, today. We continuously work on improving our offerings to ensure we are in line with what the growing needs of companies are.

Sisa Consulting has evolved from the conviction in the ability of training to enhance human performance. Sisa Consulting training focuses on providing people the locus to sharpen their skills and improve their performance to build positive professional ethos, improve productivity & build successful & profitable organizations.

Our training programs provide powerful learning experiences and assist in professional development. The program-design adopts practical & live examples which connect with concepts & modern theory to provide the ideal learning platform for participants to actively involve in the learning process & bring out the best in them.

Our Behavioural Intervention programs are categorized broadly as

  • People development initiatives
  • Functional skills development labs
  • People assessment and tools