Women Career Purpose

India Inc. has acknowledged the benefits of having women in the workforce. Various industry sectors have been able to get their gender mix right at the entry level however they struggle with the leaky pipeline. Intersection of marriage, childbirth and career growth make women take tough decisions.

Unconscious bias, lack of sponsors or high-profile mentors, visibility add to women’s woes moving up the ladder. Traditional process doesn’t allow for breaks in career to be ignored (despite good performance post break). Adding to the list are also the challenges of harassment, tradeoffs and confusing priorities.

Women career purpose is the forum for women to engage, explore & seek guidance to further their career aspirations. The forum aims to be a safe space for women to share their challenges, anxieties, and be a sounding board for terrific ideas and connections (networking)

The forum endeavors to provide cues to engage internally & externally to recast career objectives & plan a glorious innings.

The forum is structured considering woman’s multiple priorities and demands on her time and has offline and online engagement.

Reach out to learn more & be a part of this vibrant & engaging forum.

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