Where are you now Vs. where you want to be? – diagnose and assess your current level of diversity (numbers) and inclusion (experiences of employees) to understand gaps to build bespoke D&I strategy to lead you to where you want to be.

Understanding the diversity parameters, measurement & current numbers. Unraveling the gaps by understanding experiences of employee on inclusion. Emphasis on gaining inclusivity perception of employees.
By taking stock of your company’s diversity readiness, one can design framework for a diverse and inclusive workplace. The gaps can be identified by analyzing numbers, employee feedback survey, focus group discussions, employee complaints, exit interviews.

Analyzing diversity numbers
Data and numbers give a realistic understanding into how diverse the workforce is. Who gets hired, who gets promoted and gets better increment are all hidden in the data? Deep dive data analysis provides answers to all these and more.

Employee feedback
We design employee inclusion experience surveys and customize few questions to reflect the culture of the organization. The uniquely designed questionnaire reveals how employees feel about current culture of inclusion in the workplace. How employees view organizations stance towards diversity and inclusion. The results from the survey will give us a picture of where the organization is in its inclusion journey. More importantly what is working well and what are some of the challenges that need fixing.

Focus group discussions
Focus group discussions with identified groups to gain deeper insights to their experience and perspectives on the organizations efforts to make everyone in the organization to feel included. The discussions framework ensures the groups are comfortable sharing their personal views of the areas in the which the organization has been successful and those areas that remain a challenge.

Employee complaints and exit interviews

Employee complaints and exit interviews are analyzed for insights and understanding the nature of complaints and reasons for exit. The analysis is to assess if there are certain groups that are ‘feeling like the others’ & not experienced inclusion.