Manager of Managers (MoM)

Manager of Managers “MOM” is workshop for mid-career managers with potential to advance as leaders of tomorrow. The workshop, over 2 days (16 hours) focuses on the facets essential for grooming successful leaders – ability to accomplish the organizational vision through collaboration, partnership building teams & managing healthy talent pipeline.

The workshop begins snap-shot of understanding self, people management & organizational dynamics & leads the participants into building skills to develop cooperation, teamwork, creating solutions which lead to accomplishing organizational objectives. The participants will understand the nuances of building team, fostering commitment, inculcate a spirit of trust & pride, along with motivating the team. MOM workshop inspires the participants to establish a culture of accomplishment, value creation, develop influencing skills over authority & pride in being change agents.

Key Learning Points

  • Develop team influence skills,  & contribute in organization achieving its business objectives
  • Develop self-confidence, pride & positive attitude in their  teams
  • Effectively communicate ideas to teams and act as a leader to build consensus among all the stake holders with organizational objectives in perspective
  • Open a transparent communication channel with both upstream & downstream stake holders
  • Inspire and motivate teams to pursue a common vision. Involve all team members in planning and setting clear goals and benchmarks