Right Fit – Recruiting the right candidate

Right-Fit is the workshop for recruiting the right candidate, based on Behaviour Event Interviews (BEI). The workshop, over 2 days( 16 hours) is for managers, who are part of the organization recruitment process. This includes personnel from Talent Acquisition and technical and delivery managers who form part of the interview panel. The workshop provides the participants skills essential for conducting BEI & select the “right fit” for the role/position being filled. The workshop is designed to help participants define the competences, conduct effective interviews based on assessment of behaviour in line with the competences for the role/position & make correct hiring decision.

The workshop equips the participants with skills to conduct the effective behavioural event interviews, focus on past actions & behaviours rather than subjective impressions & make accurate hiring decisions.

The tangible outcomes of this workshop, besides hiring the right talent, the organization benefits by hiring candidates who are better engaged, deliver better productivity & reduce attrition.