D&I Programs & Workshops

One size never fits all hence SISA’s tiered approach to inclusion programs. The TAP model (theory, application, plan model) approach uses modular based approach to learning. Depending on where the individual is in their learning curve, the individual can go start at that module. The matrix approach allows the individual to own their learning.

We enrich awareness through our Awareness-based training programs, for maximum impact. The primary objectives is to provide information about diversity in general, heighten awareness and sensitivity through uncovering hidden assumptions and biases, assess attitudes and values, correct myths and stereotypes, and foster individual and group sharing. It reinforces the business case for D&I.

Skills-based training moves to action from awareness. It provides individuals with an actionable framework to action their D&I plan by addressing day-to-day challenges in a proactive and effective way so as to drive the enterprise D&I strategy forward. Individuals will understand the Inclusion context, and use their enriched awareness to actionize plans.

This training focuses on integrating D&I strategy into the organization’s existing business framework.